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  /  03 May 2005

Hong Kong and China Public Holiday

Please kindly notice the following date are Hong Kong and China public Holiday.


We want to make the best effort to meet your shipment date.  But we are unable to ship out products on holidays, please consult with our sales or shipping department for delivery date should you have the need to ship out anything during a holiday, your shipment will need to be ship before or after that date.


Thank you for your co-operation.



China Holiday:


1st May (Sunday)                      Labour Day          

2nd May (Monday)                     The day following Labour Day         

3rd May (Tuesday)           The third Day of Labour Day             


11th June (Saturday)                  Tuen Ng Festival


19th September (Monday)           The day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival


1st October (Saturday)               National Day

2nd October (Sunday)                The day following National Day       

3rd October (Monday)                 The third day of National Day


Hong Kong Holiday:


2nd May (Monday)                                 Additional general holiday for Labour Day

16th May (Monday)                                Additional general holiday for the Buddha’s Birthday


11th June (Saturday)                             Tuen Ng Festival


1st July (Friday)                                     Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day


19th September (Monday)                      The day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival


1st October (Saturday)                          National Day

11th October (Tuesday)                         Chung Yeung Festival


26th December (Monday)                      The first weekday after Christmas Day

27th December (Tuesday)                     Additional general holiday for Christmas Day


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