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Spin Casting
Process: Spin Casting
Material: Pewter / Zinc Alloy*
Enamel: Soft Enamel
Thickness: Up to requirements
Plating: Gold / Antique Gold / Silver / Antique Silver / Nickel / Black Nickel / Antique Nickel / Copper / Antique Copper / Brass / Antique Brass / Dyed Black
Epoxy coating: With or without
Attachment Various
Color reference: Pantone Colour Chart
STEP 1 Making the Mold
Making a master first, then use the master to create a rubber mold under high temperature and pressure.
STEP 2 Spin Casting
Material spin cast into the mold.
STEP 3 Elimination
On completion of injection, waste material is eliminated to reveal the completed design.
STEP 4 Attachment
The back attachment is fixed on to each piece.
STEP 5 Polishing
The surface of the metal is polished until smooth.
STEP 6 Plating
Various plating colors now can be processed. The quality of plating varied with the length of time the metal is immersed in the plating solution.
STEP 7 Coloring
The items are carefully hand-filled with one color at a time by using different size of syringes. Items placed to dry. This process precises in keeping each color and the right amount of enamel in the designated area to prevent defective workmanship.
STEP 8 Inspection and Packing
All items are strictly inspected before delivery. Customer's satisfaction is guaranteed!

For 3D items, please offer the artwork with front and side view.

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